A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Peak Challenge

Now  don’t start throwing stones (or rocks and giant boulders for the physically fit) when I bring up My Peak Challenge in my own snarky way.   After all, it’s not a religion.   I’ve certainly smeared the Church of Heughanology from one end of the  rainbow to the other.  Grab your seatbelt, you’re in for a bumpy ride in my Snarkmobile! 



I do agree with the following concepts of My Peak Challenge(as I understand them):

  • It’s good to be physically fit.

  • It’s good to set goals (big or small) to be the best person one can be.

  • It’s good to get involved in My Peak Challenge so we can support the charities that need everyone’s help and are personal favorites of Sam.

  • It’s good that Sam Heughan supports his fan’s efforts to become more healthy and sets a great example to which they can aspire.



It’s good that she’s a virgin, too!



Having said that, I am  remiss if I don’t bring up some salient points.  Remember it’s my opinion and my blog!. (Reminds me of a song, ” It’s My Party and I’ll cry if I want to….”)




Let me assure you, I have  lost over 1000 pounds in my lifetime and have tried every fitness program there is, except the more recent ones like Zumba or Water Aerobics or Spin Class.


A vision/nightmare just flashed before my eyes of me attending a spin class.  Let me share  (Warning:  it’s not a pretty vision or nightmare):




I climb on the stationary bicycle.  The seat disappears as my over abundant ass swallows it up in my cheeks.  I start peddling and peddling and peddling until I hit the wall of fitness Nirvana.  I go into a trance and picture my feet and legs falling off the peddles, along with every part of me but my heart and lungs.  They (my heart and lungs)and the bike continue on, screaming across the finish line to thunderous applause and pee inducing laughter. I only last two minutes on the bike.  I’m sure that’s what would happen.  But I digress .

My point is if Sam Heughan showed up, at my door and promised to marry me  (and have sex) if I got fit, I’d invite him in for some buttered popcorn and a Diet Coke.   I’d put my hand on his muscled arm and say, “You foolish boy, you’ve wasted your time on me, but I’m grateful to have met you.  I’ll volunteer to be everyone’s “before” picture and I sure will donate to your favorite charity.  Can I have your autograph?”


Obviously, I am no suck up,  despite being Chief and Only High Priestess of CoH.  My point is that even Sam can’t get me out of my easy chair (maybe I’m stuck).  I am what I am and I like me.

As I read through some of the fans and their Peak Challenge activities, I became aware that  there are categories of MPC fans.

The already physically fit, who share pictures of themselves in those cute Kate Hudson workout clothes or snazzy sportswear for the guys, and love being challenged every day.  Sam is a male version of this category. They proudly admit to running a 26 mile triathlon before they even got out of bed!   They’re so energetic and,well, just fun!  Gag me with a spoon.


Those women who are marginally unfit and need to lose that last 10 pounds  to fit in thier size 2 cocktail dress for the class reunion.  They exagerate their imperfections, when many others would sell their first born child to fit into a size 4.   Hard to  get excited for these people. I wonder, if they are raising money for charity, who do they get to pay enough so their donation is significant.  I mean $.25 per pound for 10 pounds isn’t going to cut it!



People who clearly get involved in this so  Sam will notice and befriend them.  If I can tell  the activities they report are fake, do you honestly think Sam can’t? I mean sending out a picture standing in front of a graffiti mountain painted on the side of a 12 story building and acting like you just climbed it, might be a little weak. Now if you climbed the fire escape, I’d be more impressed. I also realize that with the amount  of time they spend on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, when do they have time for fitness? I’ve seen people tweet that Sam didn’t even recognize their efforts. REALLY?  If you need recognition, just contact me.  I’ll take care of your recognition needs!


Those fans who actually get inspired to improve themselves.  They’ve failed in the past, but won’t give up. They take “baby steps” (just like Bob) and improve a little each day.  These are my heroes and people I truly admire.


Then there’s the rest of us.  You know who you are if you’re not one of the other 4 categories.



My Peak Challenge is a worthy program that  inspires people to get fit while raising money for charity.  However, please remember that it can be stressful to those who cannot participate, whatever their reason.  Underneath all of our differences we are still….


My challenge will be to find my checkbook, so I can send in a donation (I suppose  I could go on-line, but it seems so lazy.) Maybe If I send Sam some vegetable flavored  buttered popcorn, he’ll notice me!  Hell no, if he hasn’t noticed me after starting this damn “church” about him, writing 40 postings, and  creating 400 Sam memes, popcorn won’t cut it!   But ya gotta love the boy, anyway!









8 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Peak Challenge

  1. okay that’s the second time you made me snort 😀 lol
    Amazing what people will do for recognition, eh.

    ….you did notice me, right? I mean I have posted to your blog a couple times just tonight…. I am trying to keep it to a minimum so you don’t feel like I’m stalking you. You don’t think I’m stalking you, do you? #FeelingNeglected

    snort 😀


    1. So sorry, Monique, I thought I replied to this already! Stalkers are welcomed, especially Sam Stalkers. We all have “issues” and that’s part of being a fandom. No one sits alone at the asylum. I didn’t mean to ignore……So follow the site and you will get automatic notices about postings! For your inconvenience, I offer a free visit to my favorite spa, Reincarnation. They do wonders with double chins! Fondly, Norma D


    1. Thanks Diana! My devotion to CoH and the fandom keeps me going. I get all of my ideas from the followers. Off for a face lift for my close up! Fondly, Norma D


  2. Norma! Once again you have hit it out of the park! I really enjoyed this, and believe you have truly figured it all out! I think I fit between Category #4 and “the rest of us”! I love your snarky, please always be you!


    1. Dear Lisa, thanks so much for appreciating the efforts I expend on behalf of CoH and the fandom. It ain’t easy! I need to get a facial or a face transplant for my close up! fondly, Norma D


  3. You definitely don’t have a problem spreading the Gospel on “Truth”! I especially enjoyed the very modest attire of the animal print sports wear and that fabulous hat! She has Jillian Michaels beat to Hell and back! Lmao! You have testified and brought this Sinner from the pit of Hell to see the Light! Thank you High Priestess! 🙏👼⛪ Save me a seat for the next Service!😂😂😂. 😘💖


    1. As soon as I get my bike out of my ass! LOL. Glad you enjoyed. Church is open 24/7. Stop by anytime. Believers are always welcome! Need my beauty rest . Fondly, Norma D


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