Global Repercussions Resulting from Sam’s Anglo Fan Award

Following a week long global voting effort over 1,800,000 votes were cast and our Sam Heughan was named Anglo Fan Favorites Man of the Year 2014.   He beat out 31 other formidable opponents.  It was all due to the loyalty and dedication of his fans around the world.   Congratulations to all the fans and Himself.

Our CoH Handmaiden calculated the following information:

257K votes per day

10.7K votes per hour

179 votes a minute



Fans and their families made many sacrifices during this voting period.   Here are a few things that resulted because of voting for Sam as Anglo Fan Man or the Year 2014.  (Not a scientific poll).

5,000 missed diaper changes an hour.     That’s ok. I more hour doesn’t hurt with the new stay dry liners for diapers.                                 th

2,500,000 missed toothbrushings at some time during the voting period.   Double up this week and the dentist will never know.  If you didn’t brush your teeth the whole time, but drank gin, whiskey, rum, or vodka you need not worry.  The alcohol took care of the wee beasties in your mouth just as well as Listerine.  Accurate figures on how many teeth were lost are unavailable.

liquor-bottle-display-square-2step         Equals th1FPPLNS9

Missing Tooth



5,000,000 hours of decreased productivity at work.  Since your boss was probably wasting time on something, they probably didn’t notice.  This doesn’t say much for the state of our world economy, but fluctuations were minor in the grand scheme of things.  However, if you lost your job, CoH has HR advisors to help you seek re-employment.  Call 1-800-Ivotedmyjobaway.

This was the week you were voting on that Anlo Fan Poll

This was the week you were voting on that Anglo Fan Poll



10,000 new cases of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and/or Index Finger Atrophy.  With HIPAA in the US, it is hard to get accurate information.  However, the orthopedic equipment industry went wild in the global market.



Super Duper Voting Vitamins

Super Duper Voting Vitamins


To Be Used for Future Voting Projects


Voting Wrist Rests







15,000 Divorces Caused by Carnal AbandonmentThere were many more divorces in the time period but with No-Fault Divorces and/or the old Incompatibility excuse, it is hard to nail down this number.  However how many spouses heard the phrase, “Stop that!  I’ve only voted 1,000 times today so Sam can win, and I can’t concentrate while you’re doing that.”  Or “When you do that while I’m voting, I can’t read the Captcha and/or you make my finger shake and I vote for the wrong person.”

...and this was that really cute kitty cat video on


And now we have to start on Cait’s BBC Anglo Fan Favorite Woman of the Year Poll!

8 thoughts on “Global Repercussions Resulting from Sam’s Anglo Fan Award

    1. You may chant whichever you wish. We have no organized religious procedures because we are a lifestyle choice. However, singing the praise of Himself is always permitted. Thank you again for your kind words. Need to get fitted for my next close up! Fondly, Norma D


    1. Thank you. An attorney friend of mine gave that term to me. It’s legal. I’m glad you liked this post. Tegether we can accomplish miracles. I must go sign some pictures for my fans. Fondly, Norma D

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    1. As COHP it is my duty to reflect the pulse of our followers. Himself has charged me with staying modern, so others can identify with the CoH. Can’t live in the past. Ready for my close up, Mr. De Mille! Fondly, Norma D

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