Because Himself is Happy with the Ladies of Outlander

Sam Heughan has remarked that the outpouring of support from our congregation is a blessing!  He gets all tingly about it.


Here are 2 great jib jab cards shared by Church of Heughanology member @HolaasSandy .


Because Himself is Happy

Use as a wellness approach, It is recommended as a prn morning pick me up.

The performance features Himself and a few friends.

(And Sam tried to tell us he can’t  sing.)

Ladies of Outlander

For those of you who prefer a lovely female voice. this sexy tune will wake you up anytime!   Get down, Mrs. Fitz!

I hope you enjoy.  Remember laughter is the best medicine.

And if my damn butler doesn’t get my car here soon, I will be late for my meeting with Mr. DeMille!


I am all about that bass!

Norma D